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Our Passion

We are dedicated to helping people with disabilities achieve the goals that are important to them and to be a part of the transformation for our disability community here in Australia

Our Purpose

We tailor our Allied Health services to the settings and contexts that our clients value. We are determined to support and contribute to the community in which our clients belong.

Our Goals

To provide the best quality services through a talented and committed team of Allied Health Professionals

To push the boundaries and be creative so that our clients and communities achieve their goals

To build strong partnerships and work together to overcome the challenges and obstacles we encounter

To evaluate our services and programs and through the feedback we gain improve what we do

To achieve occupational and social justice for the First Nations Peoples of Australia and People living with a Disability

Our Services

Innovative Programs

HWS aims to be at the forefront of quality and culturally responsive services for our clients and their communities by offering innovative programs

  • Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Peoples Programs
  • Cognitive and Brain Training Program

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Goal Oriented Programs

Well you guessed right – these programs are targeted and directly linked to your Goals

  • Assistive Technology
  • Virtual Reality (VR) and robotics home therapy to gain improved function
  • Upper Limb programs for maximal independence in Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s)

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Community Support Programs

Our community centred practice includes designing and delivering multiple types of programs such as:

  • Social Participation
  • Driver re-training – adapted driving techniques
  • Pre-vocational programs

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Our Expertise

We have extensive community rehabilitation, multi-disciplinary and allied health service experience and as a result offer a versatile range of services. The Assessments and related recommendations we provide include:

  • Comprehensive Physical Assessments
  • Cognitive and Sensory Motor Assessments

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