Innovative Programs

The team at HWS aims to be the best Occupational Therapy and allied health service for our communities and clients by being innovative, culturally responsive and aiming for a continuous improvement focus
Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Peoples Programs
Our Occupational Therapists and Allied Health Assistants are out and about in the communities providing mobile assessment services and therapy supports. Each client’s program is designed according to their goals and in the context of the community to which they belong. We have embedded a community development philosophy into our organisation and team culture. We employ indigenous team members to further enhance our cultural responsiveness.
Cognitive and Brain Training Program
For neurological and cognitive impairments, we can set up a customised Brain training program with in-depth coaching. Popular programs run intensively for 4 weeks with monthly progress reviews for a year. The cognitive training is designed by our experienced Occupational Therapists with cognitive assessments carried out pre-program and repeated at 12 months. The customised programs are supervised by our Allied Health Assistants and we train community support workers or carers to provide the home-based support needed.

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